Sunday, 30 November 2008


Manifesto Photo shoot

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Our manifesto

This is a rough cut video of the manefesto that me, Lizzy Gove, Tommy Allen, Stephane Iffel and Matt gaffen created. The manifesto is about breaking boundaries and building tunnels when working together. I like to call it breaking boundaries and building boxes

Thursday, 13 November 2008

rock n roll

This is an example of the Indian Teddy Boy Culture back in the day.
Also a good example of a great tune.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Well hey sporto!

The 80's Classic condensed down to one minute.
This was a lengthy but fun project to do.
Check it out


Thursday, 6 November 2008

I am here >

This is a biographical piece which is meant to tell you a little bit about my self.
But I feel this probably the weakest project of this term as the idea and the execution was poor. I have but this piece up anyway to remind my self to not ever do a tacky piece of shit ever again.
try and enjoy